At Bambini Junction Child Care we deal with children ranging from infants to toddlers to preschool kids. We have programmes to ensure quality care and education to the children, to meet the needs of each individual child and to challenge them at their development level. In order to achieve our end goal we provide opportunities through activities, namely:  music, library, blocks, manipulative toys as well as indoor and outdoor activities. Through the interaction of the child, the environment, the other children, and the adults in the Center, the child develops physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Preschool Kids

For our preschool kids the focus is to polish their true mettle by working in language, critical thinking, arithmetic, science, music, and art, and also an assortment of indoor and open air activities intended to construct self-regard, relational abilities, physical and social advancement.

Quran Classes

With all the worldly activities, somehow religion gets overlooked but at Bambini Junction Child Care we strike a balance between both the worlds. We have Quran classes for students to get them familiar with the basics of Islam along with all the worldly affairs.


During the Circle Time we focus on inculcating the positive qualities and encouraging all children to participate. Time spent on the activities during circle time helps children to learn behavior skills, such as sitting and listening, that they will need for years to come. We make our circle time activities a learning experience for the children without making it boring for them.

Entertaining Children Supplies

There are Bouncing Balls pool, swings and slides to make the stay of your child as entertaining as it can be.

Art Programme

We have a fun artworks program for the children at our center. While you may not perceive their arrangement or painting the odds are high that your youngster will have the capacity to recount to you the entire story behind the hues, shapes and position of materials. Cutting and drawing develops muscles in their hands and fingers that will later button their shirt and compose their name. When working on collage with shapes children can sort and classify items into groups based on shape and color, skills needed to learn to read and do math’s. Pride in their artwork is a boost to developing a sense of self.

Study room

We provide babies with what they need: a safe world, rich with opportunities to actively explore, with books, songs, and a lot of listening and responding. Our study room is filled with books which would rouse the interest of reading and learning in the children.


Obviously, you can’t have a solid personality without sound body. We take the task of nourishing children very seriously and ensure that their diet at the daycare is healthy and well balanced. Food provided at the center is healthy and nutritious. We make every effort to make mealtimes fun and an opportunity to learn – meals are served family style so that children quickly grasp key skills and food etiquette – setting the table, serving themselves, sharing conversation and clearing away afterwards. For safety point of view, all meals are cooked outside premises. Kitchenette is used only for storage & warming of meals

Nap time

With circle time, outdoor play, art, music and more, we recognize and understand the need for a young child to nap during the day. The primary reason behind a nap time is to make sure your child doesn’t become irritable in the afternoon and that he/she stays active before and after his/her nap. We have a special nap room where your child can enjoy a sound sleep and wake up energized and active.

Celebrating Special Days

It is a regular practice at the center to celebrate special days with the children. This introduces them to the importance of the days which are celebrated and encourages the habit of sociability in the children.