The concept behind our Child Daycare Centre is to provide child care facilities in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment, resulting in happy children and content parents. We cater to children ranging from 1 to 10 years of age, keeping in mind their individual needs and preferences. The idea is to facilitate the working or over-committed parents and give them a sense of relief, based on the trust that they bestow upon us. Our competent staff ensures that the children are constantly attended and are given quality day care service, along with learning enhancement, healthy meals and social interaction, all conducted in a secure environment. We believe in treating each client as an individual relation that eventually becomes a part of our brand family. The ultimate goal is to establish ourselves in the market on the basis of goodwill and word of mouth by our satisfied customer relationships.

At Bambini Junction Child Care we ensure that your child is in the right hands by providing the best possible services. Kids are divided based on age and development and are provided with areas equipped with personal cribs and cubbies for infants and plenty of toys, art supplies, blocks and books for the older groups. Academic and rotating enhancement programs keep them learning throughout the day via hands-on activities involving music, dance, art, and music


It is our mission to make a difference to children, families and employers, and to provide the highest quality early care and education for each child under our care.

We strive to:

  • Develop each child’s abilities and potential.
  • Create a world-class system of integrated, learning and care.
  • A system that is not only affordable, but ensures people can work flexible hours while knowing that their children are receiving high quality child care and early learning.
  • We aim at enabling each and every child in our care, the best possible chance of achieving their full potential.

It is our aspiration to make a difference in the lives of children and families and communities where we live and work.